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  1. H.O.T. members are required to attend the Spring H.O.T. meeting. The purpose of the meeting is to meet the Central Planning Committee and to obtain information about the activities planned for the Fall move-in. The meeting is held on Reading and Review day, May 3, 2013, at 1 pm in Gamble Hall, Room 1.
  2. H.O.T. members are required to return to campus August 24, 2013, by 8am.
  3. H.O.T. members are required to help with moving new, returning, and transfer students into the halls.
  4. H.O.T. members are required to assist with H.O.T. events during the fall orientation.
  5. H.O.T. members living on-campus will receive early arrival housing and meals, prior to the opening of the halls, with the fee waived. Off-campus H.O.T. Team members will receive one meal during training.
  6. H.O.T. members also receive a free H.O.T. t-shirt.